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Welcome to LHR
Skin & Vein Center

Your trusted skincare experts with over 40 years experience in laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation/IPL, permanent makeup and more! Call for a FREE consultation today!

Why choose LHR Skin & Vein Center?

The knowledge and experience of Diana Callas, the owner of LHR Skin and Vein, is unparalleled as she has been trained and certified by the top laser school in the country.


LHR is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible results for their beauty and skin care needs. Numerous trusted physicians send patients to LHR due to our outstanding expertise, talent, and reputation.​LHR uses top of the line equipment to ensure that our clients receive cutting edge results and services.


Diana provides permanent makeup using Softap, which is a method that uses soft tapping to implant color into the skin that is extremely gentle on the skin and does not cause damage to the hair follicles or cause scar tissue like some other methods of permanent makeup. Softap gives a much softer, more natural look to permanent makeup with a beautiful finish that holds the true color of the pigment when healed.


Over the last several years Diana has seen many people with poor results from microblading (a technique for implanting pigment/ink that has grown popular in recent years) and has been able to perfect her ability to correct the color and shape of microblading that didn’t heal as desired. Many times microblading causes damage to the skin and the hair follicle which in turn does not give the desired result after it heals.


Diana is even able to remove unwanted ink/pigment from the skin when the shape of the brow is not what was desired. Her eye for creating the perfect shape brow to fit your face while staying true to your natural brow is remarkable!  

SofTap permanent makeup is the only way to go, NO microblading! We fix microblading and the removal of it.​


Visit our FAQ section and all your questions and answers will be there.​


With almost 40 years of experience, why settle for anyone else?


From laser hair removal using the highest quality equipment to permanent makeup from Softap and all the way down to microblading and electrolysis, come to LHR for all of your beauty and skincare needs!

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