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How do you find a qualified laser hair removal technician?

Look for someone who has experience as well as the proper training, good ethics and medical practice. At LHR Skin and Vein Center, our technician/patient relationships are of the highest professional standards. Not only do we have the education, but Diana Callas has 2 years additional laser training. Some companies claim to have the proper equipment and know how to use it. At LHR Skin and Vein Center we guarantee the right equipment and the correct use. We stand behind our product.

What do I need to do to prior to arriving for appointment? 

Please refrain from applying any makeup, lotions, deodorant or perfumes the day of your appointment.

What type of laser is the LightSheer Duet?

The LightSheer DUET® is a diode laser that removes unwanted hair with greater speed and comfort than other methods. LightSheer diode lasers are widely recognized as the ‘gold standard’ for laser hair removal.

Dozens of different cosmetic laser machines exist—the Ruby, Palomar laser, Alexandrite, and Diode, and the ND YAG—but none match the performance, permanency, or features of a state-of-the-art DUET laser in the hands of an expert.  


GentleLase, GentleLase Pro and Gentlemax Pro will not rid hair permanently, but will only lighten a small percentage of the hair. They work well on skin tags, pigmented lesions and other skin imperfections, but they will not accomplish permanent hair removal. Diana has been trained on and used all of the above lasers. With her expertise and the Lumenis LightSheer DUET, you will be getting the very best in hair removal.

Does laser hair removal work on all types of skin?

Diana has experience in working with individuals with many different types of skin, from tanned to light, as well as people with dark, blond, gray, white or red hair.  

What does laser hair removal feel like?

Everyone’s description of laser treatment is a little different. A good description is a small pinch or the feeling of tweezing 2 or 3 hairs at once. To achieve permanent hair reduction, the laser system must have the power to effectively treat all skin types while providing maximum skin protection. Fortunately, the Lumenis LightSheer DUET has a ChillTip™ integrated cooling technology for areas where precision treatment is needed.

How many treatments does laser hair removal take?

Much depends on your history of prior hair removal, medications, sun exposure, testosterone levels and heredity. For most people, 6 to 8 treatments are required for permanency. Also, specific areas of the body require more time between treatments to account for the growth cycles of your hair. Having treatments less than every 4 to 6 weeks will waste time and money. This is why a proper consultation is important. An experienced electrologist / laser technician who understands the cycles of hair growth takes all details under consideration to create an individualized plan for you. You can be confident LHR will deliver results. 


Is laser hair removal permanent?

To achieve permanent hair removal, the laser system must have the power to effectively treat all skin types while providing maximum skin protection. The laser must also have the power and proper Nanometers that measure wavelengths of light and distances in order to accomplish permanency. The LightSheer that LHR Skin and Vein Center uses is the one laser that can provide this effectively on all types of skin types while providing maximum skin protection and built in cooling. 


How much does laser hair removal cost?

Pricing is based on area. You are welcome to come in for a free consultation and test spot. You will be provided with an official price quote. There is no obligation if you come in for a consultation.


What happens after a laser hair removal treatment?

After the treatment you may be pink and bumpy in the area that was treated. The color is a response from the laser on the skin; the bumps are from the heat trying to escape from the hair follicle. This reaction is very normal and temporary. We will put aloe on the area to cool your skin. After any treatment you are able to go on with your daily schedule, laser hair removal will not interfere with your daily routine. There is no “down time” so you can apply make-up right after treatment. Any bumps are from good treatment, technically known as Perifollicular Edema (PFE), which is a temporary condition.


What else do I need to know about laser hair removal?

We ask that you are not actively tanning for 7-10 days before a treatment and 5 days after. If you are going to be out in the sun, cover the areas that will be treated. Tweezing is not a wise choice for hair removal, so please do not do it. It encourages more hair growth by stimulating the blood supply to that area and, in most cases, causes far more hair problems. There are hundreds of dormant hair follicles that lie under the skin that are activated when stimulated by tweezing. Also, the more you tweeze, the thicker and darker the hairs will get. The laser is perfectly safe. This is not like an x-ray where you need to be covered up.


What wavelength is LightSheer diode laser?

LightSheer® uses a state-of-the-art diode laser technology with a wavelength of either 805nm or 1060nm. A precise laser pulse targets the hair follicle while leaving the skin unharmed.

What is the 808nm diode laser?

The Diode 808 Laser is the gold standard in Permanent Hair Removal and is suitable on all pigmented hair and skin types—including tanned skin. Treatments are most effective on medium to dark hair on any skin type. You can treat fine hairs with a little color, but only if you raise the joules. After 24 years of doing this, it is permanent. White, true red, are resistant for removal.

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