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What is used in treating veins?

We have two machines for the treatment of veins. If the veins are located on the fatty tissue of the legs, we use the Light Sheer Diode laser to treat these types of veins. Other areas on the body are treated with the Lumenis One (IPL) which is a non-intrusive procedure to reduce and eliminate the spider veins and broken capillaries that appear on your body including the face.

What does vein therapy feel like?

Many veins will disappear immediately during treatment. Multiple treatments may be required depending on the density of the spider veins.

How much does it cost for spider vein therapy?

Vein therapy is done in 15 minute intervals. Depending on the amount of spider veins both legs could be done in one session. Each 15 minute session is $200.00.

What happens after treatment?

After your veins are treated with the laser the area will appear pink and slightly raised (a ghost line of where the vein was). Aloe will be applied to cool the skin. The reaction is normal and temporary; the redness will subside in 15 minutes to 24 hours.

What do I need to do to prior to arriving for appointment? 

Please refrain from applying any makeup, lotions or perfumes the day of your appointment.

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