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See Why Clients Love LHR  

Don't  just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences at LHR Skin & Vein Center.

Amy E. - Rochester, MI

LHR skin & vein center is really the place to go for laser hair removal, IPL photo facial and permanent makeup.

"LHR Skin and Vein Center is really the place to go for laser hair removal, IPL photo facial and also permanent makeup.  I had all three services done on me.  I was very happy and I told so many people out there.  You guys deserve the business because you are that good and honest and above all, you’re so nice and that’s important to me."

Beth C. - Troy, MI

When I called LHR Skin and Vein Center, I asked them what made them different then other places that do Laser Hair Removal, and they had explained their education and after talking to them on the phone, I decided there were a few points that caught my attention, so I went in and they showed me everything that they do there.  I have had Laser Hair Removal and have finished my face, now moving onto other areas.  I have also tried the IPL (Photo Facial) and did a free test area.  That was amazing and I just signed on for a package of 5 treatments and received 3 free microdermabrasions  along with that package.  I have sun damage and many freckles too on my face and chest area.  This machine is fantastic and really delivers what they promise.  It’s not that uncomfortable, and I am really sensitive.  Some treatments I have used a numbing cream.  It works!  Thank you Diana and Kristie for your caring and being so nice.  You guys are wonderful and have a real way when it comes to serving your clients.  You're professional and sweet.

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