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How do I choose a color or style for permanent make-up?

We recommend that you bring your favorite/commonly used colors for the desired area. Color, shape, and size is important, so discuss what you want and expect. Thick or square eyebrows might be what you see in fashion magazines, but that’s for show. You can always enhance your eyebrows or eyeliner after permanent cosmetics for a more dramatic look, but for every day appearances, aim for a natural and flattering eyebrow shape. Eyeliner should be applied into the lash line to give you a fuller, thicker appearance to your eyelashes, adding depth and pop for beautifully accented eyes.


What is Softap®?

Softap® is a form of permanent cosmetics done by hand. Your permanent cosmetic professional has complete control over where pigment is deposited in your skin with the Softap® hand method. Two sessions are required for best results. Softap® products are pigments, which your body breaks down over time, especially with sun exposure. You can also have hair strokes with the Softap® method. It looks beautiful, does not discolor, and doesn’t leave blotchy dots of unwanted or off- colors after healing. We recommend you come to LHR for a free consultation.


What is microblading?

Microblading is a destructive eyebrow blading technique. Simulated hair strokes are created with blades as ink is pushed into the skin, which damages tissue. Ink isn’t body-friendly and the colors change as well. After microblading, a client may end up with scar tissue and destruction of existing eyebrow hair follicles. A month after the procedure, the color sets up with blues, grays, charcoal, and greens. The lines turn blotchy, leaving permanent discoloration. The once-visible hair strokes vanish after healing. Hair strokes do not look as sharp and do not blend in with existing hair.

Can I have microblading corrected?

Yes. Diana sees many clients seeking correction who are unhappy after having had a microblading procedure. Softap® pigment can be applied to neutralize the bad color, so that the old color is disguised. Diana can also remove and alter colors. She does not do laser removal of colors. Do not seek laser treatments for removal of permanent cosmetics or microblading. Laser will remove any existing eyebrow hair. LHR Skin and Vein Center can fix the problem so that you can go out and feel good about yourself again. 

Why is Permanent Makeup with Softap® Better than Microblading?

Diana provides permanent makeup using Softap, which is a method that uses soft tapping to implant color into the skin that is extremely gentle on the skin and does not cause damage to the hair follicles or cause scar tissue like some other methods of permanent makeup. Softap gives a much softer, more natural look to permanent makeup with a beautiful finish that holds the true color of the pigment when healed. Over the last several years Diana has seen many people with poor results from microblading (a technique for implanting pigment/ink that has grown popular in recent years) and has been able to perfect her ability to correct the color and shape of microblading that didn’t heal as desired. Many times microblading causes damage to the skin and the hair follicle which in turn does not give the desired result after it heals. Diana is even able to remove unwanted ink/pigment from the skin when the shape of the brow is not what was desired. Her eye for creating the perfect shape brow to fit your face while staying true to your natural brow is remarkable!

What do I need to do to prior to arriving for appointment? 

Please refrain from applying any makeup, lotions or perfumes the day of your appointment.

Can I get permanent make-up done if I’m prone to cold sores?

Yes. For those interested in permanent make-up on the lips, we would suggest that medication be taken before during and after the treatment.


Is permanent make-up possible for people taking prescription medication?

Yes. However, for patients on blood thinners or aspirins, we would ask that you discontinue those types of medications 1 week prior to your permanent make-up procedure. We recommend not using retin-A creams or glycolic peels on the treated area for 1 week after a permanent make-up procedure.


Can I have permanent make-up done if I tan?

You can have permanent make-up done if you tan, but you must avoid tanning 1 week after the procedure.


How much does permanent make-up cost?

Pricing depends on the area. A quote will be provided during a free no obligation consultation.

What does the permanent make-up procedure feel like?

Softap® is a process done with patented, disposable hand needles. It is gentle and noiseless. Topical numbing agents keep our clients comfortable and pain-free during the procedure so they are comfortable. There is no bleeding. Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are followed in accordance with OSHA and the CDC.  

What happens after a permanent make-up application?

Complete healing, which involves light scabbing, takes about five days. You should be able to return to work and other activities by the next day. You will be given an ointment to apply topically to keep the tattooed areas moist. Keep the area clean and don’t pick. You will get full after-care instructions from your technician.  

Can I have permanent make-up removed?

Diana is experienced in removal as well as correction of permanent make-up if you need. A consultation is the first step. Softap® pigment can be applied to neutralize or change color. Diana can also remove and alter colors. Laser is never recommended for removal of permanent makeup.

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